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About the Program 

       When Professor Fiorelli started this program in 2009 we spent all our time in London, but by popular demand, we started to split our time between London and Paris in 2013! We now spend 9 to 10 days doing business briefs at British and French companies, exploring the cities, having fabulous group meals, and reflecting on our experiences. In the past, we’ve had between 8 and 25 students, business professionals, and the occasional guest (e.g. spouse, child, friend). We also bring along some of our Xavier Ethics Fellows and Mentees, professors who will not only get a better understanding of how ethics is interpreted domestically and abroad, but will also contribute unique insights at our corporate visits and during our nightly debriefs.


While we haven't finalized all our site visits, in the past we have been able to visit a variety of businesses and NGOs. We plan on visiting BP, Starbucks, L'Oreal, CY Cergy University of Paris, and have dinner with former Olympus CEO, Michael Woodford.

       In addition to these speakers, we want students to have a better understanding of British and French culture, so we've organized trips to the British Museum and the Louvre, gotten tickets to see Les Miserables, have scheduled three group dinners, entrance to the Eiffel Tower, and a boat trip down the Siene. 

       In 2025 we plan on staying in Copthorne Tara Hotel in London and Crowne Republique in Paris. You can find out more about the neighborhoods here. 

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