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London is one of the most expensive city in the world.  Even with this label, Xavier has kept the program costs reasonable, without losing quality.  For MBA, Undergraduate and LEAD students the cost of the program is tentatively set at $4,700, which includes the cost of the three (3) credit hour class. Including the cost of tuition in the program cost is a new aspect of the program, saving students approximately $1,000. This does not include the cost of roundtrip airfare, which students must purchase separately.  The tentative cost of the roundtrip airfare from Cincinnati to London Heathrow, returning from Paris to Cincinnati is $1,300.  This would be in addition to the $4,700 program costs.


Mature undergraduate students can participate and can have this course counted towards their 18 hour spring semester credit-hour total.


For $4,700 you will receive:


(1) A three (3) credit hour MBA course in International Ethics

(2) Eurostar ticket from London to Paris

(3) Van transfers to and from the airport and train station

(4) Double occupancy in hotels in London and Paris  

(5) London Tube Pass and a Paris Metropolitan pass. This means you’ll be able to take the subways and buses to almost anywhere in London and Paris.

(6) 2-3 group meals

(7) If 20 or more students participate in 2025, Xavier will be able to pay for additional cultural activities and meals.

If a participant wishes to have a single occupancy hotel room, this fee increases by $950.  Not all students requesting a single room will receive one.  This will be determined on a "first requested, first authorized" basis.  If a request would leave a "forced single", that request won't be accepted. 

Our trip costs provide participants with airfare, cultural expeditions, and public transit passes. 

Additional Costs for Undergraduate Students

The cost of this course and trip combined is $4,700.  This does not include the roundtrip airfare.Please note that this course will count as an undergraduate elective, unless  the student is admitted to the MBA program (application and GMAT required).

Scholarship Opportunities

Xavier students taking the Values Based Leadership MBA concentration should consider applying for the Cintas Graduate Ethics Fellowship (CGEF).  MBA students planning on enrolling for two approved MBA electives (e.g. BUAD 681 - International Ethics in London and Paris and BUAD 609 - Online Business Ethics Through Film) can apply for the 2024-2025 CGEF, before September 3, 2024. CGEF students who successfully complete the Fellowship will receive a $3,000 reimbursement of the London Paris trip expenses ($4,700).

Undergraduate Juniors and Seniors enrolled in a major within the Williams College of Business (WCB), and successfully completing at least 15 credit hours within the WCB, can apply for a Cintas Undergraduate Ethics Fellowship (CUEF) before September 3, 2024.  Students who complete the CUEF can receive $3,000 towards participation in the London Paris International Ethics class (BUAD481), or have the $3,000 applied towards their bursar's bill. For more information about applying for a CUEF, please click here.


Another scholarship opportunity is the Phil and Beth Gasiewicz Study Abroad Scholarship, which must be applied for by November1, 2024.

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